Cordless Power Tools

Our range of carefully selected Cordless Power Tools are designed to cater to all needs. Whether you’re a price conscious user that wants a basic tool with an entry level battery, or a seasoned professional in need of the latest high end cordless power tools and batteries, we have the right product for you. 99% of the items listed below are in stock and available for next day delivery, meaning that you can put your cordless tools to use in no time.

  1. Cordless Angle Drills
    Cordless Angle Drills
  2. Cordless Bandsaws
    Cordless Bandsaws
  3. Cordless Biscuit Jointers
    Cordless Biscuit Jointers
  4. Cordless Blowers
    Cordless Blowers
  5. Cordless Caulking Guns
    Cordless Caulking Guns
  6. Cordless Circular Saws
    Cordless Circular Saws
  7. Cordless Combi Drills
    Cordless Combi Drills
  8. Cordless Demolition Hammers
    Cordless Demolition Hammers
  9. Cordless Drain Cleaners
    Cordless Drain Cleaners
  10. Cordless Drill Drivers
    Cordless Drill Drivers
  11. Cordless Drywall Cutters
    Cordless Drywall Cutters
  12. Cordless Fans
    Cordless Fans
  13. Cordless Grinders
    Cordless Grinders
  14. Cordless Heat Guns
    Cordless Heat Guns
  15. Cordless Impact Drivers
    Cordless Impact Drivers
  16. Cordless Impact Wrenches
    Cordless Impact Wrenches
  17. Cordless Inspection Cameras
    Cordless Inspection Cameras
  18. Cordless Jigsaws
    Cordless Jigsaws
  19. Cordless Kits
    Cordless Kits
  20. Cordless Metal Cutting Saws
    Cordless Metal Cutting Saws
  21. Cordless Mitre Saws
    Cordless Mitre Saws
  22. Cordless Multi Tools
    Cordless Multi Tools
  23. Cordless Nail Guns
    Cordless Nail Guns
  24. Other Cordless Tools
    Other Cordless Tools
  25. Cordless Paddle Mixers
    Cordless Paddle Mixers
  26. Cordless Pipe Cutters
    Cordless Pipe Cutters
  27. Cordless Planers
    Cordless Planers
  28. Cordless Plunge Saws
    Cordless Plunge Saws
  29. Cordless Polishers
    Cordless Polishers
  30. Cordless Pressing Guns
    Cordless Pressing Guns
  31. Cordless Radios
    Cordless Radios
  32. Cordless Reciprocating Saws
    Cordless Reciprocating Saws
  33. Cordless Routers & Trimmers
    Cordless Routers & Trimmers
  34. Cordless Sanders
    Cordless Sanders
  35. Cordless Screwdrivers
    Cordless Screwdrivers
  36. Cordless SDS+ Hammers
    Cordless SDS+ Hammers
  37. Cordless Soldering Irons
    Cordless Soldering Irons
  38. Cordless Table Saws
    Cordless Table Saws
  39. Cordless Torches
    Cordless Torches
  40. Cordless Twin Packs
    Cordless Twin Packs
  41. Cordless Vacuums & Dust Extractors
    Cordless Vacuums & Dust Extractors

ITS Cordless Kit Builer

Buying a Cordless Power Tool

It isn’t easy! The power tool industry is an ever changing market of new batteries, new drills and updated model numbers, and as any professional knows; getting the right tool is the only way to ensure the highest level of workmanship.

Before you purchase make sure that you think about exactly what it is you want from your cordless. There are three main areas to consider when deciding what the perfect cordless tool is for you, these are Batteries, Voltage and Brand.

Cordless Power Tool Batteries

Batteries are the heart and soul of your Cordless tools; they are what powers your tools and keeps you working. Buying the right battery is imperative as it decides the runtime of your tools, and the more time you’re up and working the more money you’re making. Power tool batteries are available in Lithium-ion, NiCD and Ni-MH. Lithium-ion represents the higher end of the market as it is the latest technology, giving you a lightweight and more concentrated power source. Whereas NiCD and Ni-MH are excellent value for money but they are heavier and don’t offer the same level of runtime.

Power Tool Voltages

Voltage represents the amount of concentrated energy that your machine will exert, so once again you may have to resist the temptation to just buy the biggest voltage you can find! You really need to think about what jobs you’re going to be using your tools for. If it’s light work that you’ll be doing then we have a nice selection of 7.2v and 10.8v drills and drivers. – These are light weight and in general small machines perfect for cabinet fitters and anyone that needs the functionality of a drill driver but is conscious of weight and size. For heavier duty work there are larger voltages like the 18v range which are a bit heavier but are certainly worth it if you’re going to be working on bigger heavier applications.

Cordless Power Tool Ranges

Finally something to consider is brand. At ITS we pride ourselves on our relationships with the biggest cordless power tool brands. With decades of experience our popular brands likes Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee and Panasonic are able to cater to any professional requirements. If you’re buying an individual tool for a single purpose then you’ll want to find the best tool you can get for your budget and perhaps a good idea would be to research brands to see if any of them specialise in the area you’re going to be working on. Or if you’re going to be building up a wider range of tools to cater for a variety of jobs then you’re best looking at brands like Makita and Dewalt who have ranges like the 18v Li-ion range from Makita that include dozens of tools all of which run off the same batteries.

Buy from the experts

We make it our business to ensure that the sales and aftersales teams at ITS have an in-depth knowledge of the latest Cordless Power Tools on the market so that they’ll be able to help you choose and make the most out of your cordless tools.

All this means that you know when you buy cordless power tools from ITS, you’ll be getting the best service around.

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Help and Advice