One of the most respected brands in the industry Festool is renowned for its quality tools which have been developed for over 80 years. As one of the most highly regarded brands the precision German engineering is admired around the world. As you would expect for a German brand the engineering in the design of the details is second to none. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of Festool power tools. Over the last few years Festool UK fans have been growing in the building profession.



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  1. Festool 491952 160mm 48 Tooth Saw Blade
  2. Festool 491498 1.4m Guide Rail
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  3. Festool 489570 Fastening Screw Clamps (Pack of 2)
  4. Festool 482107 Guide Rail Connector Piece (FSV)
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  5. Festool TS55 REBQ-Plus 55mm Plunge Saw with Guide Rail & Systainer
  6. Festool FES466357 Carry Bag for 1.4m Guide Rail
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  7. Festool 494105 Festool Filter Bag for CTL MIDI Dust Extractor (Pk 5)
  8. Festool 491952 Festool 160mm 48 Tooth Saw Blade Pack of 2
  9. Festool 496302 Festool 160mm 28 Tooth Saw Blade
    ex VAT (£38.39 inc VAT)
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  10. Festool 495209 Festool Replacement Splinter Guard (5m)
  11. Festool 495207 Replacement Splinter Guard (1.4m)
  12. Festool 489022 Festool Hose and Cable Deflector FS-AW
  13. Festool 488503 Festool Spiral Planer Blade (65mm)
  14. Festool 496187 Festool Filter Bag for CLEANTEX CTL 26E Dust Extractor (Pk 5)
  15. Festool 493199 Festool 210mm 52 Tooth Saw Blade
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Every Festool power tool has been crafted to deliver excellent precision when you need it most. Festool tools are precision engineered and have to be seen as an investment which ultimately saves you time, materials and protects your health.

Festool use high quality materials and exacting tolerance but as with everything, quality has its price as high quality materials are more expensive.

Can you afford Festool - Yes you can - Time is money! Festool systems offers alternatives to conventional tools that create long-term value, helping users work faster, easier and smarter.

Popular Festool Products


Festool Plunge SawTo keep the project on track the Festool plunge saw is ideal. When accuracy is essential the Festool plunge saw is the only piece of equipment you need. The precision designs enable you to cut flush to the wall and for accuracy you can adjust the viewing window so that at all times you have a clear view of the saw blade. The locking positions ensure you can cut at an angle without compromising the quality of the cut.

Festool Dust Extractors
Festool tools have better dust extraction so you can focus on the project in hand. As you would expect all Festool Dust extractors are efficient and highly effective. The mobile extractors are ideal for busy sites where safety and hygiene are essential.