Basic Requirement Codes

  • SB

    Impact & compression resistant toe cap to 200J

  • S1

    As SB + anti-static and energy absorbing heel

  • S1P

    As S1 + Water penetration and absorption


Additional symbols/abbreviations

  • SBH

    Class II waterproof polymer & leather upper

  • HRO

    Resistance to high 300°C heat

  • E

    Heel energy absoption to 20J

  • P

    Pentetration resistance to 1100 newtons

  • CI

    Insulation agaisnt cold

  • WRU

    Water penetration & absorption resistant uppers

  • PB

    Toe protection to 100J

  • S2

    As S1 with water resistant upper

  • S3

    As S2 with penetration resistant midsole

  • S4

    A As S1 with waterproof polymer/rubber upper

  • S5

    As S4 with penetration resistant midsole

  • A


  • FO

    Resistance to oil

  • WR

    Water Resistance

  • CR

    Cut resistant

  • HI

    Heat insulation of sole complex

  • AN

    Ankle protection

  • ESD

    Designed for electronic component

Slip resistance ratings

*Footwear that has passed tests for slip resistance will also have one of the following codes:

  • SRA

    Tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution

  • SRB

    Tested on smooth steel contamination with glycerol

  • SRC

    Passed both SRA & SRB tests